In a one-on-one coaching session, we work intensively on your appearance and presentation.

Make the difference and inspire your listeners with an excellent appearance

For important presentations:

A one-on-one coaching is particularly useful for important situations in which you want to make a convincing personal impression. Examples include leadership talks, sales pitches, lectures, job interviews, assessment centers, oral exams, or any face-to-face communication situation where success matters.

An important presentation is like a theater performance.

You find yourself in front of an audience: all eyes are on you. You feel stage fright.

But you have to convince - right now.

To give an excellent presentation you will need:

  • a sophisticated dramaturgical structure for your presentation,
  • a director who shows you what works well, and where you need to improve.

Every well-known presenter rehearses his presentations meticulously. Such presenters also have a director who has worked with them to develop and optimize their presentation.

Do not leave convincing and inspiring your audience to chance! I am happy to help.

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