Storytelling: A story about cockroaches

Use storytelling in presentations!

Storytelling (c) Can Stock Photo / exopixel

Storytelling awakens emotions.

The numbers, data and facts remain in the memory of a person over the long term.

What do you remember better? When a colleague tells you about her perfect vacation in Mallorca, the perfect weather, the beautiful beaches and luxury hotels? Or when an acquaintance tells you about the last trip he took, when he found a cockroach in the bathroom on the first night, the next day his rental car broke down, and he realized at the same moment that his cell phone had no reception?

You will be sure to remember your colleague’s breakdown rather than your friend’s perfect holiday. After all, the brain can remember stories better: there is a protagonist with a conflict, and the listener wants to know how he will solve it.

Use this effect for your next presentation!

Anne-Christiane Schneider

Do not simply assemble boring facts - use storytelling. In other words: Combine facts and stories with each other to paint a general picture. It will entertain your audience and make them feel/hope .. along with the protagonist. Stories stay longer in the memory of a person, and are rather told than pure facts.


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