Create presentations that truly flow: Post-it notes, not PowerPoint

Do you have to give a presentation in the near future? If so, turn off the computer.

Use Post-its (c) Can Stock Photo / kabby

Presentations can be prepared just as well without PowerPoint - what’s more, you can ensure greater attention from your audience.

But how is that supposed to work? After all, for many preparing PowerPoint slides is an essential part of the preparation. That's just how it's done:

  1. Set your goal
    First, think about what you really want to achieve with your presentation. What is your goal? Do not say "to inform" at this point. That's not enough for a good talk. A string of pure facts is boring for the audience. There is usually something else behind the goal of "giving information". Think about it: what is it that you really want to convince your audience of?
  2. Write down priorities on post-it notes
    Now take a pad of post-its and a pen. Define the content-related priorities with which you want to achieve your goal. Write down keywords on individual post-its. Finally, put the little yellow pieces of paper in order. Why does this work? Because with post-its, you consider dramaturgy.

My suggestion is to use Post-its to prepare a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Building a suspense curve
    A good talk takes its life from a good story. The presentation should surprise at the beginning and convince in the end with a goal-oriented final appeal. Re-arrange the post-its in different sequences: What comes at the beginning of the lecture, what comes at the end? How do you best create a suspense curve?
  2. . Use PowerPoint slides selectively
    PowerPoint slides should only be used during your presentation if the slides offer real added value. For example, if you underpin your statements with a meaningful chart, or create emotions with a suitable image.


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