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Improve your presentation skills. Get tips on how to convince others.

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Be convincing and self-assured in both manner and appearance!

  • Your style of performance and presentation is an individual question. Do not try to imitate other people. You have to make into your own style. Of course, you can and should take ideas for successful appearance from role models. The important thing is to be able to identify with your appearance. If for example you are introverted, you probably do not want to gesticulate wildly in front of your audience.
  • Get as much constructive feedback as possible about your appearance from others. It will not help you if your audience says, "Yes, yes, that was just fine." Or "Well, you were not convincing." Ask what was good about your presentation and/or what was missing in order to improve.
  • Think about why you are performing and presenting, and what you want to achieve with your audience. "I was told to give the presentation” is not a good approach.
  • Stay authentic: your counterpart or audience will notice immediately if you are playing a role. Convince personally with your expertise and by keeping a sense of humor.

Get as much constructive feedback from others as possible about your appearance.

Anne-Christiane Schneider

  • Enthusiasm is contagious: Find something in the presentation that really inspires you. Your enthusiasm will carry over to your audience!
  • The body makes the soul visible: your body is the translator of your soul. Be aware of what you know and can do. This self-assurance will be seen in your gestures and movements.
  • Look into their eyes: Keep eye contact with your listener. This creates trust, shows self-confidence and establishes a connection to your partner.
  • Be audible: Speak loud enough that all your listeners can easily understand you.
  • Stage fright is a part of presenting: : without stage fright, presentations or important conversations become mediocre. In the moment, the adrenaline makes you capable of peak performance.


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