My background as an actress + my experience in private enterprise = your success

My experience

  • Academic course of study: University of Dramatic Arts "Ernst Busch" Berlin. This course required a deep engagement with how to perform convincingly.
  • Further education: Zurich University of Teacher Education. In Zurich I received the didactic foundation for my work as a coach.
  • Work Experience: I have been working for over 11 years as a coach for presentation skills, voice coach, lecturer for drama and speech, body language specialist, director, and actress.
  • Industries: Pharmaceuticals, technology, insurance, finance, universities and public institutions, etc.
  • Languages: German and English.
  • My mission

    It brings me great pleasure to provide experts and executives with the skills they need to make convincing presentations. Few people have truly studied how to present well - most are expected to do this without training. I find the intensive cooperation and process of discovering the strengths and weaknesses of my students, as well as the development of individual solutions particularly exciting. I work to ensure that participants have fun during the training, that they do not feel exposed and that they will use their skills later. After working together, I often hear from students: "I felt comfortable, it was fun and you are quite persistent!"

    Proven expert knowledge

    For years now I have analyzed and optimized peoples’ performances and presentations from a variety of companies, hierarchical levels and industries. This time has given me a great deal of expertise and an ability to quickly identify what will work for the trainee. I am up-to-date and can adjust flexibly to your requirements.

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    My working method


    All content is taught with practical exercises and many examples. You will present and perform a lot yourself, so that you internalize the content for the long-term.


    It takes courage to learn how to present. I will accompany you with sensitivity and encouragement.


    My trainings actively challenge you to work out content and to evaluate yourself and others. This makes for a more intensive learning process.


    I will bring you out of your comfort zone, and stay with you on your path to a convincing appearance and presentation. I know from experience how much dormant potential resides in each of us, so I'm quite persistent.

    Video analysis

    Video analysis clearly identifies your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you understand what you can do better and where you can make progress.


    Everyone has individual strengths and weaknesses in their appearance and presentation, just as every order has specific requirements. That means there is no "by the book".

    I'm here for you!

    Anne-Christiane Schneider

    Anne-Christiane Schneider

    Trainer for presentation skills