Tips for perfect online presentations!

How online presentations succeed.

How online presentations succeed. (c) Can Stock Photo / AndreyPopov

Be convincing when presenting from your home office

  1. 1. Visual cues
    Your listeners will notice details such as your clothes, the background, and the lighting conditions. It is best to wear neat clothes and sit in front of a white background. This way, your audience will not be distracted. Make sure your audience can see a part of your torso. This way more non-verbal signals will be conveyed and your audience can connect with you better.
  2. Technology check
    Check the technology before the presentation! See if the video conferencing tool such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Adobe Connect, Zoom, Skype for Business or Jitsi works properly. Are the camera and microphone set up? Try out the functions of the tool so that you are stress-free during the presentation. Practice sharing your screen and putting others or yourself on mute.
  3. 3. Brevity is the soul of wit
    Prepare carefully for the presentation. Be as brief as possible and try to give an engaging presentation within 10 minutes. After that, the concentration of your audience drops rapidly.