Presentation Technique and Skills - Online and Face-to-Face - Coaching and Training

Presentation coaching on Skype
Presentation coaching on Skype

Through coaching via Skype you will receive a constructive feedback fast that will make you feel confident and convincing in your presentation situation.

Presentation training
Presentation training for companies

Your employees will learn to perform and present convincingly and authentically in different situations! I offer individualized workshops.

Presentation coaching
Presentation coaching

A one-on-one coaching is particularly useful for important situations in which you want to make a convincing personal impression.

Presentation course
Presentation course in Stuttgart

Optimize your personal performance and your presentation skills in a 2 days course in Stuttgart!

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Learn from trial and error

I'll get you out of your comfort zone. In a safe environment, I support you sensitively and constructively while optimizing your presentation technique.

Joy in presenting

I will give you specific tips on how to develop joy in your presentation. Only if you enjoy your presentation will your audience feel the same way.

Individual and intensive

It's about you! Each person’s presentation technique is unique. Individually and intensively, I will work with you to find out what is right for YOU.