Basic recipe for convincing presenting!

Present in an appealing way!

Tell stories. (c) Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

Ingredients for perfect presenting:

  • One Goal
  • A big helping of sincere interest in your audience
  • A pinch of composure
  • A lot of joy during the presentation
  • Preparation time:

  • Several hours
  • Preparation:

    First of all, take your listeners to the goal of the presentation. Be specific in defining the goal. What do you want to achieve? And for whom? Just "want to inform" is not enough as a goal. But maybe you want to inform so that your counterpart sees the advantages of solution A and is interested in it.

    Only then does the maturation process begin, in which you put together the presentation. This phase will take a few hours. The more buffers you allow for, the less you will be pressed for time and the more balanced the final result will be.

    Keep the individual pieces of content together. Think about what you want your audience to remember. Don't make the mistake of thinking "a lot helps a lot". Only a fraction of the statements can be remembered by your audience. Focus on quality, not quantity. Focus on the most important information that you want your audience to remember. Too much information is usually hard to digest.

    Then structure the various topics carefully and sensibly. If you mix everything together somehow, the result will be rather an undefinable mishmash. Always keep in mind that your audience should be able to follow your train of thought well.

    Also think about questions that your audience might ask. Allow enough time for this as well.

    Honest interest in your audience is a basic ingredient!

    Anne-Christiane Schneider

    Serve and garnish the presentation:

    In order for the presentation to be successful, it is essential that you take an honest interest in your audience during the presentation and talk to your audience (not just talk to yourself). Your audience is THE one for whom you created and are giving your presentation. If you just talk to yourself, the audience's interest will collapse like a soufflé.

    In addition, take a large portion of composure for the overall well-roundedness of the presentation. A presentation always includes unforeseen events, e.g. questions that you cannot answer, an exhausting counterpart or even the failure of the technology. The more relaxed you are about dealing with disruptions, the more delicious the presentation will be.

    Be sure to garnish your presentation with little flakes of joy. Because when you yourself have fun and enjoy presenting, it has a pull on your audience and the mood lifts. Everyone wants a wholesome dish that is also attractively garnished. As is well known, the eye eats with you.

    Tip: Sometimes the first dish already works and sometimes you just have to practice a bit (sometimes without and sometimes with guidance ) and experiment until you serve convincing and appealing presentations.

    Viel Spass beim Ausprobieren des Präsentations-Rezeptes!

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